Botox has been around for many years and used for many applications. In fact, botox was first used to treat excessive sweating in 1993. Since then, many cosmetic clinics have been offering this treatment in addition to their list of botox applications. Very few clinics have focused solely on hyperhidrosis.

We, at the Toronto Sweat Clinic, have dedicated our time and resources to understand the patient, the diagnosis and the treatment. We only provide botox to patients suffering from excessive sweating or are bothered by their sweating. In doing so, we are comfortable injecting different body areas because we have the experience to understand the effects and to ensure appropriate techniques. The most common areas that we treat are the scalp, forehead, hands and underarms, and to a lesser extent, the feet and groin areas.

People that come to the clinic are often suffering from sweating for many years without knowing how to deal with it. They are usually embarrassed, annoyed and frustrated with the constant sweating. They are unaware that there is treatment for it. When we explain the botox procedure to them, they are often quick to accept and initiate treatment.

We use a freezing technique during the procedure to minimize discomfort, and the injection process is quite well tolerated by our patients, as they envision a soon-to-be sweat free existence. This is evident by our patients’ continuous positive feedback and ongoing referrals to the clinic. Don’t sweat in silence anymore.