MiraDry is a remarkable new technology. We receive dozens of inquiries a day. In this blog we compile the most common questions we are asked. Enjoy

What is the success rate with Miradry?

We have been using Miradry for over 2 years now and the success rate has been excellent.  We tend to quote the literature of 82% sweat reduction but we have been noticing even better results.

How many treatments would be needed?

We have altered the techniques in providing Miradry such that most people obtain significant benefit after 1 treatment, however, two treatments are what the initial studies recommended to maximize the results.

What are the side effects of MiraDry when used for chronic sweating?

Miradry is very safe with limited downtime and side effects.  After treatment, patients will typically experience slight discomfort for 24 hours, which is relieved with ice, Tylenol and/or advil. There is bruising in the area, which can last for 7 to 10 days, but does not limit the patient from their daily routines. It also causes loss of odour and hair in the area, which to most people is an added benefit.

What is the downtime after having MiraDry treatments for chronic sweating?

There is effectively no down time after Miradry. Patients can resume their daily activities immediately.

What are the pros and cons of using MiraDry as a solution for chronic sweating?

Pros – very effective, no downtime, virtually pain free, and lifelong cure of sweat, odour and hair

Cons – It is a non-OHIP funded procedure

Who is the ideal candidate for using MiraDry as a solution for chronic sweating?

Miradry is effective for adult patients with chronic underarm sweating (hyperhidrosis).  If someone is bothered by underarm sweating and stained clothes to the extent that it interferes with daily activities, then Miradry provides a quick, easy and long lasting solution.

What are the other options for patients who don’t necessarily want to have treatments done? (i.e. medication, antiperspirants, topical solutions, etc.)?

At the Toronto Sweat Clinic, we offer all medically approved forms of treatment for hyperhidrosis.  This includes medications that are effective in some individuals, however these can cause dry mouth and dry eyes, which some people cannot tolerate. Most patients that come to see us have already tried drysol, which is an over the counter anti-perspirant. This is effective in some people but others find it causes severe itchiness.

Other forms of treatment for hyperhidrosis are Botox and ETS Surgery.  Botox is very effective, and lasts 6-8 months and ETS surgery also has a very high success rate.

For readers with various budgets, what would you recommend for a low/mid/high priced product options to help with the issue of chronic sweating while they are still considering treatment/surgical options?

Low price options are anti-perspirants, including dry-sol, and oral medications.  Also, ETS surgery is fully covered by OHIP, so there are no fees for this procedure.

Mid price option is Botox – since Botox is covered by 95% of drug plans, anyone with third party insurance can get Botox for excessive sweating.

High Price – Miradry – although initial high starting price tag, this is the only non invasive lifelong therapy, so there are potential cost savings in the long run.