Common questions about miraDry

Pre-procedure: The miraDry procedure will be performed at the Toronto Sweat Clinic by a registered nurse who has received ample training and completed hundreds of procedures. You will be asked to shave both underarms prior to the procedure. If you have not shaved, your hair may be clipped or shaved as this allows for ease of treatment. We ask that you wear a sleeveless top or one which will provide easy access to the underarms throughout the procedure.

During the procedure: You will be lying down on your back with your arms positioned above your head in a comfortable private room. Depending on the area being treated the procedure usually takes between 60-75 minutes. During this time you are welcome to bring your headphones and listen to music, attend a conference call or simply just relax and watch our featured movie. The nurse will start by cleansing the area and marking the underarm with a tattoo. Don’t worry, it’s temporary and will be gone before you leave. This allows the treatment to be customized to you. Injectable anesthetic will then be used to numb the area prior to the procedure. This may cause a slight pinching or stinging sensation however, will not last more than a few seconds. The treatment itself is then started. The miraDry device is placed on the marked areas of your underarm and a slight suction is applied which allows the energy to be delivered directly to your sweat and odor glands. The treatment itself is painless. Once the procedure is complete the nurse will clean the treated area and provide ice packs to reduce potential swelling. With no downtime, you are able to leave the clinic right after the treatment. Over the next few days applying ice to your underarms is vital (we’ve been told frozen waterbottles work best!)